Monday, May 11, 2015

Eskhaton - Worship Death

Worship Death
2014 Chaos Records
There's really no need for me here to go into the history of Australian metal.  I think we're all familiar with the more extreme horrors that are belched forth from there. And few are belched more violently than Eskhaton.  They play a very dense form of slightly blackened death metal with esoteric lyrics which describe the things beyond all knowledge.
And let's get it understood right here and now.  This is death metal as it is supposed to be.  No pleasant harmonies or melodies, no niceities at all.  If you're a lover of melodeath, get lost immediately.  Eskhaton do not play music for the faint of heart, and are similar to the likes of Teitanblood, Diocletian, Grave Upheaval.  None of which are of course for trendy ears or ever will be.  Their sound is like a thick miasmatic fog of the most noxious stenches both known and unknown to man.  Repulsive to most, sonic ambrosia to a few.  Give yourself over to them and become one of the unblessed.

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