Monday, May 11, 2015

Blood Storm - The Stellar Exorcism

Blood Storm
The Stellar Exorcism
2014 Barbarian Wrath
It's been nine years since the last Blood Storm full length album, that's about nine years too long without tales of Yuggothian Slayers, Nibiru Assassins, or Qlipthotic Necromancy.  Things have changed a bit with the Blood Storm sound.  Mezzadurus has mostly given up the high-end black metal shrieks in favor of more of a Tom G. Warrior approach, minus the "ughs" and "heys," combined with some falsettos.  Musically, it's still the same mix of death, thrash and black metal as it ever was.  After all, why have one influence and main sound when you can have several working together!  There is a bit more of a bottom end to the sound, and Hellhammer comes through as the main influence this time around.  The lyrical tales haven't changed much, and are still focused on the outer dark, vastness of the nether regions unknown to humanity, and the unnameable things that dwell there.  So really, for the most part it's unholy business as usual just like I would have expected it to be.  That's really all that one can ask... except for there maybe not being such a long period between albums next time around?

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