Friday, March 30, 2012

Throneum - Death Throne Entities

Death Throne Entities
2011 Pagan Records
Looking back, "Deathcult Conspiracy" was a little different for Poland's Throneum. Those songs had a lot more Hellhammer/early Celtic Frost influence than what had come before. I think that's something the band took notice of in retrospect, as "Death Throne Entities" has a completely different tone to it. The production is darker, with the instruments all a little murkier in sound mostly the guitar and bass), with a little graveyard dirt thrown on top for good measure.  But vocalist The Great Executor (Tomas Hanuszkiewicz) is mixed in slightly above it all. I don't hear a lot of influences from the works of TG Warrior here. "Death Throne Entities" features more of a return to their older, more chaotic style, with vocals blasphemies hurled forth from an ever-churning hurricane of cacophony. It's almost as if Throneum felt they were becoming too mainstream (which they are definitely not, despite the sheer volume of releases they seem to crank out), and took measures to turn off any trendy followers they might have picked up (although I'm sure that none ever existed). This is an underground band for underground fans, and forever will remain that way. Primitive thrashing death/black for followers of the old ways.

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