Friday, March 30, 2012

Chemical Disaster - Third Wound

Chemical Disaster
Third Wound
2011 Violent Records
This was a complete and welcome surprise I found while browsing through the Hell's Headbangers catalog recently. I had no idea Chemical Disaster were still around, much less with a new album. I don't think you can blame me though. Their last album, "Scraps of a Being," was released back in 2000, and before that, their debut, "Resurrection," was released in 1993. While I have yet to hear the debut (I'm waiting on a proper reissue... come on already, Cogumelo!), I became an instant fan when I heard "Scraps of a Being" many years ago. Even managed to interview drummer Arthur Justo back in some issue of Metal Nightmare. So obviously, this was an immediate purchase for me, no questions asked, no samples checked out online first. Once it arrived in the mail, I found that the band was still the same as they were eleven years ago. Pure death metal, nothing more, nothing less.  They've been around long enough that they can't really be compared directly to any other Brazilian band from the old school, much less the new school. In fact, whatever influences they have, I can't name outright. They've managed to incorporate their influences into their sound to the point where it's next to impossible to say, "Oh, this part sounds like ..." or "That reminds me of...." Or at least I can't. But then I've also never been one to go in and really try to analyze music. I like what I like, and I hate what I hate. This I like. A lot.

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  1. Great that you enjoyed our last cd! I´ve just come back from our rehearsal with the new Chemical Disaster drummer, Celso "VX" (ex-Carpahtus, Opus Tenebrae and Vulcano). Soon we´ll recorded some new stuff! Cheers! Luiz Carlos Louzada (Chemical Disaster Vokills)