Monday, January 3, 2011

Hell Darkness - Rockin' Underground

Hell Darkness
Rockin' Underground
2010 Doomentia Records
New project here from a member of Tangorodrim. Heller handles the vocals and guitar, while Darkness takes care of bass and drums. You know, I think I figured out where they got the name "Hell Darkness" from. Anyway, Hell Darkness play unholy black 'n' roll exclusively. The style is sort of a more punk rock take on Darkthrone, and Heller's voice reminds me a lot of Atze from Germany's Blizzard. While far from what I'd call "innovative," the band sure can write some riffs that you're meant to headbang to. And honestly, that's all I really give a damn about. Simple, straightforward and in your face. That's what rock and roll is all about, right? Already looking forward to more from these guys.

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