Monday, January 10, 2011

Decayed - Chaos Underground

Chaos Underground

2010 BlackSeed Productions
Despite having formed in 1990, and having at least one new release every year since then (except for 1994, 2006 and 2009), Portugal's Decayed don't seem to get the respect they deserve. I'm fortunate to have just about every CD they ever put out (keeping up with their vinyl releases is as daunting a prospect as keeping up with those of Nunslaughter or Sabbat), and I'm of the opinion that they've never had a bad release, including those of their various side projects such as Hoth, Alastor and Thugnor. Everything Decayed has done has been, to my ears, a perfect blend of death thrashing black metal. Last year saw not one, but two new studio albums from Decayed. "Shadow - Land" and this one, "Chaos Underground." There is nothing here that maniacal fans of the Australian or old Brazilian scenes would not like. You can easily find similarities to Destroyer 666, Sarcofago, Dark Angel, and just about anything else in those styles. Really, I could have reviewed any of their albums, and I'd practically have the same things to say. That's not a knock against the band, mind you. "Progression" is very overrated, and I tend to prefer the AC/DC, (newer) Overkill or Bolt Thrower approach of having a core sound and sticking to it. The new year is just starting, and I'm already curious as to what these guys have in store for us. I just know that whatever they release, it's going to be great.

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