Thursday, November 4, 2010

Immaculate - Atheist Crusade

Atheist Crusade
2010 Stormspell Records
It's taken three years, but Swedish thrashers Immaculate have finally come up with a second album. Their debut, "Thrash, Kill 'n' Destroy" was a better than average affair, with songs that reminded many of the likes of Holy Terror, early Dark Angel, and maybe a little bit of Death Angel or Raven as well. Sounds like a nasty potent mix to me. Flash forward to today, and check out "Athiest Crusade." This one boasts of better production, the chaotic sounds somewhat reigned in and refocused, and a little bit more of an 80s heavy metal vibe throughout. Oh, they're still fast, so don't go making the mistake of thinking that they're not. It's just that when you throw in a cover of Fates Warning's "The Apparition," it's not going to be blasted through at a frantic pace. It's possible that Immaculate's version is heavier, but it's definitely not faster. They really did this song right. They kept their own tones and tunings, but stuck very close to the source material instead of going out on a limb and recording an "interpretation". That really helps solidify the idea that Immaculate consists of five regular guys who play metal music and aren't hung up on the idea of "music as art." They've probably belted out this song in practice many times before and the thought of "customizing" it would never have crossed their minds. So yeah, this is music by fans... for fans.

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