Saturday, September 10, 2016

Oniricous - La Caverna de Fuego

La Caverna de Fuego
2016 Equinox Records
Spain's Oniricous are back with a new album on a new label.  Not much has changed since "Ritos Diabolicos."  The lyrics are still in Spanish, the riffs are heavy as fuck, and an occult atmosphere engulfs everything.  They're still playing death metal of course, drawing influence from the earliest bands of the genre... back when it wasn't even a genre yet.  For those who aren't clear on what I'm referring to, that would be Possessed, Sacrifice and Death ("Scream Bloody Gore" in particular).  The Big Three when it comes to the thrashier beginnings of death metal.  This time around though, I think the guitar tone may have gotten a little heavier.  It almost has that same vibe as Italy's Mortuary Drape or Greece's Necromantia (who I know use two basses, but the tone and distortion here are just as remarkably raw).  It's that tone which gives the songs that ancient before time existed, decrepit, ominous feeling.  Bottom line here is that Oniricous execute everything here in an excellent way, and come across older than old school, yet without sounding like a "tribute" act or clone band.


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