Friday, October 30, 2015

Shit - Scavengers of a Dying Sun

Scavengers of a Dying Sun
2015 Chaos Records
Given the name, I fully expected Shit to be a full-on grindcore band.  I was wrong.  Right from the opening track, "On the Winds of Extermination," I discovered that Shit are instead a crust-influenced death/black metal act.  That's actually not all that surprising, considering that the members have done time in other bands such as Man Destroys Himself, Infinitum Obscure and Mortuus Terror.  While Shit is very potent, they are the opposite of their namesake.  They don't promote growth.  They promote destruction.  The members aren't full of shit either.  When it comes to their music, they really know their... no.  I can't do that.  I can't write this review based around all kinds of uses of the word "shit."  That's going for a cheap laugh, and this is deadly serious shi... I mean stuff.  The more grindcore-type elements of their sound is mostly heard in some of the d-beat like drum patterns.  These however, end up giving way to more of a black metal sound, combined with guitar riffs that at times are similar to Marduk's more melodic passages, but without giving up any of the heaviness.  The vocals though, are definitely not from within the realm of "orthodox" black metal, and are actually very interesting to listen to.  Shit opted to go for the "layered" sound like on old Deicide records, where the vocals were recorded twice.  Once gutteral, and once in a higher range.  Then the two were combined.  The really cool thing I like here is that at times the gutteral side dominates, and other times the higher range dominates.  As I mentioned before, the band members have also done time in bands that are from different genres and styles of heavy music.  They've managed to pull elements from all of those styles and use them here to create one sound.  It's not like there's a grindcore part that's followed by a black/death part, and then a pure death metal part.  The elements work with each other, not against each other.  They work so well in fact, that it's not like you can say that Shit sound like Terrorizer meets Dissection.  Because they don't.  Shit sound like Shit, and Shit alone.  Which is to say, they don't sound like shit.

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