Thursday, September 24, 2015

Obeisance - Appetite for Desecration

Appetite for Desecration
2015 Old Cemetery Records
The album title may say "desecration," but this album is more about obliteration, devastation and nihilism.  Hell Paso's own blasphemers of Biblical proportion are back, and they don't care what your religion is; they're going to call it out for the pack of lies that it is.  Most satanic death metal bands focus on either Judaism or Christianity, but Obeisance go where most others won't go, and direct most of their hate on Islam.  Just check out "Hail to the Great Satan" if you need proof.  If you're easily offended, then this is not the band for you.  These guys are against any and all pussification and political correctness.  But then metal was never supposed to be politically correct, was it?  As far as the production goes, the band has maintained the same level they had on "666 War!" The trashcan drum sound from the second album is still just a memory.  Vocally, Martin von Fah-q has more or less made himself even more understandable.   Where some vocalists go for the more gutteral and unintelligible, he's opted to be less gutteral in order to get his message across better.  At times, his style is more akin to just the spoken word, rather than sung.  Somewhere in the distant past, Deicide was the go to band for pure hatred against religion.  They've since become a virtual self-parody, and many bands have laid down claims to their now vacant throne.  Without a doubt, Obeisance have presented one of the most valid such claims in this album.

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