Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Skeletal - Remains

The Skeletal
2013 Metal Inquisition
To the best of my knowledge, the songs here were recorded during the sessions for The Skeletal's debut, "The Plague Rituals." For whatever reason, they saved them for this mini-CD.  That's fine with me, although all this really does is make me wish for the follow-up full-length.  For those with short memories, the main members of The Skeletal are Kam Lee, who needs no introduction, and Lasse Pyykkö, best known for his work in Hooded Menace and Phlegethon.  The four songs here (plus intro) follow the early sound pioneered by Mantas, Death and Master.  Simple, straightforward, and effective as all hell.  Kam's vocal style is his own, of course.  Very understandable and gruff... yet also apparently devoid of the wipeouts and other trademarks.  Most of his lyrics here come from the same primeval morass that birthed things better left un-named which then crawled forth from the murk and settled in the brain of HP Lovecraft.  No shoggoths or blind idiot gods here though.  You'll have to settle for the fetid undead and demon-inhabited bodily remains.  But I'm sure you won't mind, not with Lasse's guitar swirling around in between and through every track to tie it all together with a rope of human intestines.  While I would not call this music "fun," I would say that it does take up a kind of opposition to the sort of metal preferred by the scowling "I could play that better" types.

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