Friday, November 2, 2012

Ectovoid - Fractured in the Timeless Abyss

Fractured in the Timeless Abyss
2012 Hellthrasher Productions
Alabama?  Seriously?  Not only is Ectovoid an American band, but they're from Alabama?  Not exactly one of the states that's known for metal, but that could very well be seen as an advantage.  Without a well known or sprawling scene like those of Florida, California or New York, Ectovoid have been able to simply exist as a band and find their own path without distractions.  Yes, it's true that Incantation and Immolation both form the base of their sound, and yes, they could be called at least somewhat derivative.  And most of the reviews I've seen write them off because of it, with claims that whatever "old school revival" that's going on is without real merit or creativity.  Well, anyone with that attitude can just fuck off, because those same reviewers go on to praise bands that lack something very important to anyone creating music:  soul.  I don't care how technical a band can play.  Music like that tends to be technical for the sake of just showing off.  There's no real soul in it.  No emotional investment by either the musician or their audience.  If you don't have any passion, then you have nothing.  That's something that people who put down the old school revival don't have and don't understand.  They never will either.  Which is fine, because those of us who live and breathe the old ways don't need them.  But I digress, and chances are that Ectovoid could really give a shit about what those people think.

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