Friday, February 10, 2012

Vulcano - Drowning in Blood

Drowning in Blood
2011 Renegados Records
The name "Vulcano" and the term "Brazilian death metal" go hand in hand. Sure, Sarcofago might be the first Brazilian deathmetal band that comes to mind, but Vulcano have been going strong for quite some time, while Sarcofago have long since splitup. Vulcano's place in the underground was all but set in stone with the release of "Live!" and "Bloody Vengeance," but the later years were not quite so kind. "Ratrace" remains what is probably their worst album, and I found that "Five Skulls and One Chalice" was very lackluster. But dammit, I knew I'd still buy anything new they put out after that one, simply because it's "Vulcano!" So here's "Drowning in Blood," and all is again well in the Vulcano camp. Vocalist Angel is gone, now replaced with Luiz Carlos Louzada, also in Chemical Disaster. I think the change has been a good one, although one can't deny that Angel ruled all back in the "Bloody Vengeance" days. Luiz has more of a death metal kind of voice, while Angel sounded more like he was just yelling with a very hoarse voice last time around. "Drowning in Blood" is a huge improvement over "Five Skulls..." on all levels, and it shows all these new school kids just how death thrash is supposed to be done. But guys... what about doing a reissue of "Who are the True?" That's the ony album of yours that I'm missing!

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