Monday, December 5, 2011

Hell - Human Remains

Human Remains
2011 Nuclear Blast Records
It's been a long road for Hell. Originally formed back in the glory days of the NWOBHM, they've been little more than a cult favorite for many years. And truth be told, the number of those who had even heard of the band was small indeed. Virtually everyone here was an original member except Andy Sneap, and sadly Dave Halliday, who committed suicide in 1987. As main songwriter and vocalist, the loss of Dave was a huge one, but as heard on this album, the rest of the pieces are in place, and the players are all in top form. For those lucky enough to buy the 2CD version, all of the songs are on the second disk, but in their original demo form, with Dave Halliday on vocals. Other than the album versions having David Bower on vocals instead, and better production, not much is different or has been changed in their occult metal sound. While this album holds its own against young newcomers like In Solitude, Enforcer or Portrait, it remains to be seen if Hell can maintain this level of greatness with another album, one containing new material.

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