Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Necrophagia - Deathtrip 69

Deathtrip 69
2011 Season of Mist
It has been one long, Long, LONG time since Killjoy and crew unleashed "Harvest Ritual Vol. 1" on us. But finally, here's "Deathtrip 69" to serve as followup to that album of unbridled insanity. I'm not sure how many copies will have the special "bloodpack" packaging, so you might want to get this sooner than later if odd collectibles are your thing. I just hope mine doesn't dry up like the one Slayer did years ago. Lyrically, "Deathtrip 69" is a very loosely based concept album inspired by everyone's favorite psycho, Charles Manson. Killjoy's vocals are as savage as ever, and where "Harvest Ritual Vol. 1" acted as a gore-encrusted bludgeon, "Deathtrip 69" is more of a rusty blade. It has a little more finesse, but the cuts it leaves are a lot more damaging and painful than being hit over the head multiple times. Really, the only thing that's missing here would be if they'd included a cover of one of Charlie's songs. Remember, he was working with The Beach Boys at one point. That would have really put this over the top, but I suppose you can't have everything. One thing I really do need to point out is that every Necrophagia album has a different sound and slightly different style, but is still instantly recognizable as Necrophagia. As ever, you'll need a shower or twelve to try to get the stench of Necrophagia's music off of yourself. Even a good scouring with a wire-bristled brush might not do the trick.

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