Sunday, May 15, 2011

War Command - Warlords Supremacy

War Command
Warlords Supremacy
2010 Morbid Moon Records
Not surprisingly, Canada's War Command play thrashing war metal of death. "Warlords Supremacy" features a historical look back at battles and wars of the distant past starting with the Spartans, continuing to Attila the Hun, the vikings and then the conquests of Vlad Tepes. For whatever reason, they then make a huge leap to the 20th Century and focus on World War II. Maybe they'll revisit the past on future albums, because there's a huge gap between the days of sword and shield and modern warfare. The final song, "World War III," is the exception to the historical standpoint, as obviously we haven't had the third World War yet. Or at least it hasn't taken the same form as the other two, as the argument could be made that World War III is being fought now on many fronts, such as Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt... and let's not forget terrorism and the world economy. Enough about world politics, let's talk about the music. War Command have a sound that comes in somewhere between Blasphemy, Incantation and a whole lot of the Australian underground. For the most part, War Command are a tank. Practically unstoppable, rolling over everything and anything in its path, crushing all of it and grinding whatever's left into dust.

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