Monday, April 18, 2011

Broken Gravestones - Let Sleeping Corpses Lie

Broken Gravestones
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
2011 Sevared Records / Comatose Music
If more people in horror films followed the advice of the title of this ep, they'd all live a lot longer. But no... someone always has to read the magic phrase, play the album backwards, or take the cursed treasure. Hopefully this will not just be a one-off recording by Kam Lee and Noel Kemper of Altar of Giallo (plus a couple of other guys of course). The three songs here are just too good. The music is more or less like maybe Bolt Thrower covering the "Morbid Tales" album. The drums are far more energetic than old Celtic Frost material, and the songs are all heavier than hell. Kam's vocals are in a slightly different style than you might be used to. If you're expecting all the wipeouts like he did in Massacre, forget it. Here, he's a lot more straightforward, with deep vocals that you can mostly understand. Kam still does it as only he can. As a bonus, the two tracks from the demo are here. Kam wasn't on those two songs, so it's very interesting to compare those versions of "The Rising Dead" and "Zombies Don't Run" to these versions on the demo. Noel Kemper did vocals on the demo, and his style is very different from Kam's. Speaking of "Zombies Don't Run," that track is a big slap in the face to whoever decided that the infected humans in 28 Days Later were zombies. Moron. Just ask Fulci. Just ask Argento. Zombies don't run! But you should. Head over to whatever online distro you frequent that has this for sale.

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