Sunday, December 12, 2010

Intestinal - Human Harvest

Human Harvest
2010 Psycho Records
This Swedish four-piece has only been around for two years, but what they've unleashed here sounds like it comes from the Stockholm scene of twenty years ago. Total old-school onslaught here, in the same vein as early Dismember, Entombed and Nirvana 2002. They keep things moving in a very straightforward direction, with ten tracks at just over a half hour. "Human Harvest" never gets boring, and every track has a "dirty" kind of sound, like they buried their instruments in a graveyard for six months and then dug them up to record this album. To say this stuff is morbid would be an understatement. Practically every riff is of the type that hits you right where you like it. You know that visceral "urghhh!!!" feeling you get when you hear a piece of music you really like? You'll be getting that feeling a lot here. Lyric-wise, you'll be hearing some themes that are straight out of 1990, with tracks about necrophilia, murder, maggot-covered corpses, and just general mayhemic bloodshed. I really wouldn't be looking for socially-conscious or deep thoughts here. I think the deepest thought these guys have is how deep they're going to stab that knife into your gut. For those into high-brow or technical music, look elsewhere. Us neanderthals though, will be totally into Intestinal.

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